About Us

Our Company

I.E.S. Limited was established in 1993 by John Keshaw who previously worked with supplying equipment to a number of industry sectors both locally and abroad.

I.E.S. Limited provides innovative solutions to companies in the fields of food processing, packaging, wine, beer and beverage, horticulture, materials handling, distribution chain and most recently, photographic printing.

Our guiding principles are to be adaptable and accept new technologies – with proven performance, reliability and quality paramount in our selection of equipment. We work with only the most reputable equipment manufacturers to provide standard and customisable solutions for our clients.

With over 40 years’ experience, our team has a vast knowledge of products, processes and client expectations. By collaborating with our global partners, we effectively deliver beneficial outcomes.

Some of our global partners and products

ABCO Industries: – Blanchers, Cookers Coolers
Commercial Manufacturing: – Size Graders, Air Cleaners, Mix & Blend systems
DNP Imagingcomm: – DNP – Dye Sublimation Photographic Printers and Media
PPT Group (formerly FTC-Food Technology Corporation): Texture Measuring and Analysing Instruments
JK Somme: – Can Seamers
Imeta Srl: – Can Seamer parts for most makes of canning machine
Plexpack Corporation: – Bag Sealers, Shrink Wrap and Bundling systems
Pacraft (formerly Toyo Jidoki): – Pouch Fill Seal Equipment 
Stratec/BBull: – Container Inspection Equipment
Metalprint Australia: – Martini srl – Weighing and Packing Equipment, PIGO srl – Belt and Tunnel Dryers,Fruit Destoning Equipment, Auspouch – Pouches and films


I.E.S. Limited works closely with clients engineering team to ensure timely start up. Often the clients engineering team or preferred engineering providers install the equipment for commissioning and training available from the equipment manufacturer. Plug and play equipment requires minimal setup and which the client is able to undertake themselves.


I.E.S Limited holds stock of consumable parts to support the equipment it offers.

Clients include

Villa Maria Wine Estate, DB Breweries, Lion- Beer Wines and Spirits, Heinz-Wattie’s, MARS Petfood, Leaderbrand Produce, Cedenco Foods, McCain Foods,
Moana New Zealand, Talley’s Group.